People think the End is near... What you should know is...It's already happened.” - ZV

— Xaos - Track 1


From the depths, an enigmatic prophecy echoes with haunting resonance.

“The End…has already happened.”

These words set the tone for “America’s Almost,” the latest musical effort of which multi-hyphenate Zach Villa is the brain-child. Against the backdrop of the apocalypse of human connection, “Z” explores the unbridled tension between technology and human growth; unearthing the messy challenges that threaten authentic connection in an ever-evolving world.

Sensitive, driven, and an outcast of the culture he was born into, Z left his Iowa hometown at an early age. Raised by a dance teacher & of mixed descent, he sought solace in the embrace of the arts from an early age - immersing himself in the disciplines of dance & music. His natural ability to command the stage despite the ridicule he faced served as both armor and catalyst for his unwavering desire to share both his stories and those of others, that they might be seen and have a place in this world.

After garnering a degree from the prestigious Juilliard School, Z went on to live in NYC & LA, hitting Broadway, snagging a series-regular role in Ryan Murphy’s AHS, all the while chasing various musical endeavors. One such collaboration with Evan Rachel Wood culminated in a performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earning praise from MTV, Rolling Stone, Billboard, and NYLON. After a fated role in Machine Gun Kelly’s “Good Mourning,” Z knew it was time to get back to his roots with a fresh and modern take on Pop-Punk/Emo and Rock - this time as a solo artist - channeling his most true and authentic self.

Now, guided by the touch of producer Courtney Ballard, known for his work with Waterparks, Emarosa, Daisy Grenade, All Time Low, The Used, 5SOS and State Champs, Z and company have produced music that utilizes his years of training and experience in the industry refined within the hallowed halls of Juilliard, but captures his raw artistic instinct and authenticity from his youth.

The forthcoming record uncovers profound truths that ground us amidst the backdrop of chaos in our modern times, reminding us to get back to being human - this is only surpassed by the live experience where we as fans and participants alike are to embrace our nature - messy and imperfect but full of heart and passion. This is “America’s Almost.”



Song List

  • Xaos (Intro)
  • Last Thing you'll see
  • (Not) The Best I ever had
  • true romance
  • blacked out
  • front page
  • bike song
  • Meds - w/ Kellin Quinn
  • FUK U UP
  • Someone To Blame
  • $9.99 - W/ Fred Mascherino
  • You’re Very Welcome
  • Solar Panels
  • Dear Adam (Driver)
  • Good Girl
  • Feedback